Raison d’être of this blog


Some time ago, I decided to turn my hobbies into my profession. The world of hotels fascinates me and travel, history and writing, even more. I mixed all the ingredients in a shaker; as a result, I decided to focus on writing unique stories that have happened in hotels anywhere in the world. Stories which may fall in to oblivion if they are not transmitted somehow.

The only requirement I have is that I must get to live the stories ‘in situ’, at the place where they happened. Hence, notebook in hand, I travel looking for hotels that care about their history because I refuse to write according to a hotel press release previously sent by email.

I want to talk about these hotels in the first person, feel the atmosphere, hear the stories from the mouth of its workers, touch the walls, see their rooms, breathe their scent … I want to write “Hotel´s History”.

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