About me


I love the world of hospitality from the bottom of my soul. And this love is born from the fact that we are quite acquainted. Over the years, hospitality changed from a mere way to survive to be a cornerstone in my life. I learned to honestly look for ways to improve it and to implement all these lessons in various companies for which I worked.

I was an ad man, holding an information panel on the street, washed tons of dishes, prepared plenty of sandwiches, waited hundreds of tables, served as waiter, supervisor and manager, worked for catering companies, did countless guards at hotel receptions, cleaned thousands of rooms, served guests and loaded their bags, headed hotels, advised some others and performed Community Manager services  in many others. I majored in public relations oriented to the hospitality industry and now, I try to write about them.

This blog is intended as a heartfelt and respectful tribute from a different point of view to a profession that has given me so much in life.

Antonio García Ruiz