Marshal Joffre in Bucharest´s Casa Capșa

The story and the objective of this article is to give a clear evidence that not necessarily all anecdotes take place exclusively in a hotel room, as the event I’m going to tell about in Casa Capșa, happened in this case in its kitchen. The person responsible for guiding me with great kindness and attentiveness around Casa Capșa was Mihai Drăghici and I have to admit that after my visit to the place, I stayed with an internal bittersweet feeling. […]

Raison d’être of this blog

Some time ago, I decided to turn my hobbies into my profession. The world of hotels fascinates me and travel, history and writing, even more. I mixed all the ingredients in a shaker; as a result, I decided to focus on writing unique stories that have happened in hotels anywhere in the world. Stories which may fall in to oblivion if they are not transmitted somehow. The only requirement I have is that I must get to live the stories […]

Federico García Lorca in the Hotel Castelar of Buenos Aires

I had arranged to meet at five in the afternoon with Maria Cafora, head of the cultural affairs at the Hotel Castelar, for a tour of the place which for several months was the roof of Federico García Lorca in Buenos Aires. Located at number 1152 of Avenida de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Hotel Castelar is certainly one of the most traditional hotels in Argentina and one of the best examples of Art Decó preserved in the capital. The origin of […]

A glass of Zwack Unicum in the Hotel Gellért in Budapest

When I was in front of Danubius Hotel Gellért, I sensed that I was not only facing one of the hundreds of hotels that comes recommended Budapest´s guides but I was looking at a true emblem of the history of the city. The grandeur of the building, its location on the bank of the Danube at the foot of Gellért hill and the traces of visible traces of the past on its façade, left no doubt that it was so. […]